6 Essential Job Skills English Majors Aren’t Being Taught in College

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Upon completing my English degree, it was about five minutes into my first “real job” search before I started cursing my school, my degree, and everything else on this planet.

Like many recent graduates, I didn’t know what jobs my degree qualified me for, and when I eventually found what those jobs were I didn’t know the skills expected. While now eligible to apply for jobs which didn’t require lobotomizing myself at a cash register, the reality was that I was not prepared for them, and my great nightmare of having to drag a pallet-jack around for the rest of my life began to feel like an inevitability.

In the end, there was nothing to do but learn these things myself. For this list, I’ll be recounting the six most consistent job skills that employers expected me to know, and which nowhere during my college career was I taught. Continue reading “6 Essential Job Skills English Majors Aren’t Being Taught in College”


4 Reasons Millennials Need (and Deserve) Batman


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While caped-crusaders are certainly the norm of much contemporary media, there’s clearly something special about Batman. Whether the nocturnal lunatic is inspiring real-life imitation crazies from around the world, or drawing out the murder in us all because someone other than ourselves was cast for the B-Man’s role, there’s a quality in modern Batman which exceeds reverement. And while Batman is indeed beloved by old and young, there are certain qualities about the lonely moralist that exclusively speak to the Millennial generation, albeit less to them as he is for them. Continue reading “4 Reasons Millennials Need (and Deserve) Batman”