Project Rap Rabbit and Contemporary Kickstarter Cynicism

prr 4

However bad-mannered, you can point fingers to where and why current Kickstarter projects feel as though they’ve had their wind knocked out. Mighty No. 9 (MN9), a 2013 Kickstarter project which promised to be everything to its globe-spanning pledgers and fans, contained all of the key persons and backing to do so but failed to deliver, is responsible for the current pensive, if not cynical, manner that gamers are now approaching Kickstarter projects with. MN9 is a lousy game, and not only did the enormous $4+ million publicly funded project suffer in quality but actuality as well, whether in the form of presumably abandoned physical versions for the Nintendo 3DS and Playstation Vita, undelivered digital codes, and plenty more. MN9’s closing impression brought to a significantly larger range of videogame consumers the grimmer possibilities of game development, where creative visions aren’t accomplished and proposed goals become no longer feasible.

Without a doubt, the frustration and cynicism of MN9  remains, looming over other high-cost, promise-loaded Kickstarters. Project Rap Rabbit (PRR), a May 2017 Kickstarter, which pre-MN9 would undoubtedly have been a shoe-in for successful funding, is facing probable failure. The cause of so lies in that upsetting pit MN9 opened to videogame Kickstarter backers; clearly the project isn’t receiving funding despite having a relatively alike impassioned audience as MN9 had, the latter receiving $900,000 dollars within 48 hours after launching whereas PRR currently sits at $146,000 following its May 15th launch, remaining short nearly $1,000,000 of its initial goal; no insignificant gap, that. Continue reading “Project Rap Rabbit and Contemporary Kickstarter Cynicism”